About Tiger Style

Ravi is a tiger cub who was born in Los Angeles, California. Lost in transit on his way to the Los Angeles Zoo, Ravi is forced to grow up in the city’s downtown district. With the help of his friends, he learns the ways of the concrete jungle. He learns survival and how to give back to his mates. Tiger Style is a fun adventure that the whole family will enjoy! From the Children’s story time, to an adult finding his or her purpose, Tiger Style has a wonderful appeal that expresses goodness of life. Whether an animal in the wild or a busy business man in the downtown district of Los Angeles, this kid’s book will keep you thinking and learning. Take your imagination on a ride on the thoughts of a young, ambitious tiger who leads a four-legged revolution with the help of his friends to save his species from extinction. Not only does Ravi have an incredible impact on the animal kingdom, but on mankind as well.