Tiger Style Book San Diego, CA

Tiger Style Book is a roaring adventure that everyone in the family can enjoy. Join Ravi the tiger on his whirlwind tour of the city of angels. All along his journey, he makes new friends and faces obstacles and challenges that he must grow to overcome. Through real life experiences in the big city, Ravi learns that morality is a universal concept beyond cultural and national borders. No matter where you come from or where you go, the virtues of respect and friendship always win over selfishness and intolerance. Tiger Style Book is more than just a simple children’s book. Families all over the San Diego, CA area have enjoyed sharing Tiger Style Book. From the older adult to the youngest of children, Tiger Style Book has something to offer to every member of the family.

The Origins Of Ravi The Tiger

The tale of Ravi the tiger had its beginning when the creator of Tiger Style, Michael Lawlor, made a fateful trip to the Los Angeles Zoo. During this visit, Michael made eye contact with a captive Sumatran tiger. This proved to be quite the mystical experience for Michael. It was as if the tiger was telling Michael to tell his story and help his species with a single look. Michael set to work creating the Tiger Style Book with this sudden and unexpected inspiration. During his extensive research on the Sumatran Tiger, Michael discovered the World Wildlife Fund. Because of the history of the fund and the myriad influential people that already supported it, Michael knew instantly that this was the best way to help the tigers. Because of this, a portion of every copy of Tiger Style Book goes to the World Wildlife Fund in order to save the Sumatran tiger.